Douglas Castro

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Finland

Founder and CEO of Neural DSP Technologies

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Douglas Castro uses AI and machine learning to enhance musicians’ efficiency and creativity.

The next generation of music technology is in reach for everyone thanks to Douglas Castro. The serial entrepreneur is making cutting-edge sound processing software and hardware accessible and affordable for both best-selling artists like Coldplay and amateurs writing their first songs.

As Founder and CEO of Neural DSP Technologies, Douglas has a high-profile vision that has underpinned five years of strong growth: to enable musicians to expand their creativity at the same pace as emerging technologies redefine what’s possible. The company’s next-generation products use AI and machine learning to enhance creativity and efficiency while lowering the barriers of access to achieve world-class results. 

Founded in 2018 with Francisco Cresp of Chile, the company has become a top name in its field, and its products are used by artists such as Megadeth and Hans Zimmer. This is the second company Douglas has founded in Finland and reflects his disruption-focused mentality.

In this case, Douglas saw an opportunity to shake up an industry that has often been slow to adopt and implement new technologies for amateurs in the field, while professional producers have fewer hurdles to clear. It’s an egalitarian approach with the potential to unleash more creativity from a new generation of musicians.

Dream big, without a trace of fear, and execute relentlessly, without a hint of hesitation.