David H. Wang

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Chinese mainland
Chairman and Founder of ACM Research Inc.

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David H. Wang helps ensure the globally vital semiconductor industry operates cleanly and safely.

Semiconductors are essential to everyday life, from our smartphones and cars to advanced medical devices and clean energy technology. But cleaning them uses hazardous chemical reagents such as concentrated sulfuric acid. Thanks to technologies created by David H. Wang, use of these chemicals can be slashed by 50% to 80%, while reducing production costs, energy consumption and emissions.

As Chairman and Founder of ACM Research Inc., David has pioneered cleaning processes for removing particles and contamination. He is the inventor of stress-free copper polishing technology, and he holds more than 100 patents in semiconductor equipment and process technology.

ACM’s diversified equipment product categories include semiconductor cleaning, electroplating, vertical furnace, coater and developer track, plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition and packaging. The company’s offerings also increase integrated circuit manufacturing yields and enhance production efficiency, thanks to a holistic approach. ACM integrates research and development, design, manufacturing and sales functions, covering front-end and back-end fabrication stages in chip manufacturing processes.

With 448 patents authorized worldwide and R&D centers in Shanghai and South Korea, ACM has positioned itself as one of the leading innovators in a globally vital industry. Under David, the company has a vision to be the leading semiconductor equipment company with the most comprehensive range of cleaning products globally.

[EY Entrepreneur Of The Year] is a new starting point. It will bring the company to the next level [to] focus more on the strategic objectives of continuously developing differentiated technology.