Paweł Jarski

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2023, Poland

CEO of Elemental Holding

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Paweł Jarski is pursuing a vision of a sustainable future by recycling critical metals and minerals.

Paweł Jarski is promoting a greener future as a pioneer in urban mining and recycling. His commitment to environmentally sustainable resource extraction and recycling has made Elemental Holding a global leader in the recovery of critical, yet scarcely available, metals.  

Elemental Holding recycles platinum group metals (palladium, platinum and rhodium) from spent automotive catalysts, e-waste (gold, silver and copper) and battery metals (lithium, cobalt and nickel). The company operates in 35 countries across Europe, Asia and North America, and its growth has been driven through 15 foreign acquisitions. 

Paweł continuously seeks innovative solutions, like building a state-of-the-art facility in Zawiercie, Poland, to recover valuable metals from lithium-ion batteries. He hopes to transform industries by inspiring others to adopt eco-friendly practices. The technologies Elemental Holding develops and applies provide sustainable solutions for the rise and further growth of low-carbon industries and innovations, including those of e-mobility and recycling. 

Paweł graduated from Kozminski University, specializing in Human Resource Management, and completed a post-graduate program at the Warsaw School of Economics. His passion for sports led to his roles as President of the Polish Triathlon Federation and as a member of the Polish Olympic Committee Executive Board.

Success is not just about financial gain but also about creating a lasting legacy that benefits both people and the environment.