Jaanus Tamm

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Estonia
Founder and CEO of DefSecIntel

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Jaanus Tamm is reshaping border security and surveillance with AI-driven innovation. 

Jaanus Tamm’s entrepreneurial journey began as a university student with a passion for creating ground-breaking technology. His initial success, automating healthcare billing procedures, highlighted the power of determination. His resilience through multiple challenges, including setbacks in the Swedish market and the dot-com bubble bursting in 2000, established the foundation for DefSecIntel. 

Founded in 2018, DefSecIntel designs advanced automated technologies, primarily for world-class border surveillance systems, that facilitate swift and efficient threat detection. These include AI-based surveillance systems for critical monitoring in hostile environments, as well as automated monitoring solutions and products for internal security and defense.  

Jaanus wants to automate surveillance to create a safer world. DefSecIntel's world-class border surveillance systems play an important role in fighting cross-border crimes, smuggling and illegal border crossings. Looking ahead, Jaanus is using his visionary, optimistic leadership and tenacity to instigate change while striving to make DefSecIntel a globally preferred partner for border and military surveillance.

By defending freedom in Europe, new technology can save lives and make peace in the world.