Soichiro “Swimmy” Minami

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Japan
Representative Director and CEO of Visional, Inc.

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Soichiro “Swimmy” Minami helps companies navigate unconscious biases in talent management. 

Soichiro “Swimmy” Minami believes that data and analytics have the power to revitalize a shrinking workforce. He founded Visional, a data management platform that helps companies identify, analyze and manage talent, to redefine the future of work in Japan and confront the challenges posed by an aging population and declining birthrate. 

Educated in three countries, Swimmy drew on his experiences as a minority student to help businesses conduct fair, accurate assessments of talent. Visional helps to reduce the impact of unconscious biases in corporate decision-making through its suite of human capital management platforms. The original business, BizReach, has matured into an online career networking platform that connects with HRMOS, a cloud-based human capital data management platform. Together they create a data-driven ecosystem where recruitment, talent management and analytics flow seamlessly.  

Through its emphasis on modern hiring practices and worker performance transparency, Visional has made great strides toward alleviating labor shortages and low productivity while helping to revitalize the Japanese economy and inform government policy. Swimmy and Visional affirm that data and analytics can not only power a generation-changing platform but can empower equity in the workplace. 

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