Marc Giorgetti

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Luxembourg
Managing Director of Félix Giorgetti Group

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Marc Giorgetti built a construction and real estate firm that has shaped the Luxembourg landscape.

Marc Giorgetti grew up in the family construction business, visiting building sites with his father from an early age and learning how to operate heavy machinery. After his studies, Marc and his brother, Paul, joined the Félix Giorgetti Group in 1986.  

Recognized for its expertise, innovative and digital mindset, and commitment to excellence, the Félix Giorgetti Group has delivered significant projects, shaping the Luxembourg landscape with landmark achievements. Its success lies in its all-in-one service approach, covering project development, management, design, construction processes and turnkey delivery.  

Marc and Paul’s strategic vision helped them expand their portfolio through numerous partnerships and business creations. Their first subsidiary, Skyliners, rents and sells tower cranes, and the group has diversified into investment management, hospitality, operations and the boat industry.  

Beyond construction and property development in Luxembourg, the business has evolved into a group of market-leading companies, with more than 3,000 collaborators across international subsidiaries. It has also focused on sustainability, with practices that significantly reduce its carbon footprint and preserve the environment. According to Marc, “There should be no waste in our industry, only resources to reuse.” 

The company thrives on strong family values, fostering a dynamic and trustworthy working environment. “Every year, sons and daughters of our employees join the group to complete a summer internship or start their professional careers,” Marc says. Employee teams are considered experts in their field and encouraged to share their skills and perspectives in carrying out projects, resulting in a high satisfaction rate and low turnover. 

You have to be creative to be an entrepreneur, but you also have to be visionary, courageous and daring to seize opportunities, make decisions and persevere to succeed.