Andy Gatesy

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Malta
CEO of Toly Products Ltd.

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Andy Gatesy puts a new face on the global beauty supply industry.

It can be difficult for second-generation entrepreneurs to follow in the footsteps of a successful founder. Not so for Andy Gatesy. When his father died in 1991, Andy became Chairman and CEO of Toly Products at just 27, and he soon went about reinventing the business. Shifting focus from engineering molds and plastics, the goal was simple: become the major supplier to the world’s best beauty brands. The results changed the face of both the beauty packaging industry and his family business.  

Originally headquartered in the United Kingdom, today Toly has corporate offices and a custom innovation center in Malta that is unique to the global beauty industry. Toly is a leading supplier of beauty packaging, known for its quality and creativity. The company serves 23 of the top 30 global beauty brands and its reputation has garnered the attention of influencer beauty brands, including those of prominent recording artists.

Despite the setbacks faced by global suppliers during 2020, Andy strengthened both the company’s profitability and balance sheet. Armed with strong financials, Andy is focused on broadening the company’s position as the leading supplier of solutions to the beauty industry — all while remaining a private business with a strong sense of family. 

Don’t compete to be the best. Instead, be unique and be different — and to be different, you need to think different.