Dr. Juan Abarca Cidón

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Spain
President of HM Hospitales

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Dr. Juan Abarca Cidón is strengthening Spain’s health care outlook with a patient-centric approach.

At HM Hospitales, Dr. Juan Abarca Cidón brings an enthusiasm and passion for the founders’ vision that few could match. In fact, his mission is personal because the cofounders of the private hospital group are his parents, both of whom were doctors.  

Juan, a physician and surgeon with a law degree, applies the care and precision of all three disciplines to HM Hospitales. Run by doctors and owned entirely by Spanish investors, HM Hospitales provides care to over 3 million patients a year at 48 health care centers. The group currently has a staff of some 6,500 workers and 4,000 associated doctors, who offer quality and innovative health services to patients and their relatives. 

Under Juan’s leadership, HM Hospitales designed a new patient-centric model, which has been used as an example for other health care groups. The approach is predicated on care planning and technological innovation, alongside a commitment to education and research so it can attract the most qualified professionals and guarantee their career development. 

During the pandemic, the group became a global pioneer when it gathered and shared mountains of data with the international scientific community. HM Hospitales will continue to keep patients at the center, but Juan envisions using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to do so. 

To illustrate the ways private health care can enhance Spain’s public system, Juan also founded the IDIS Foundation, bringing together the nation’s leading health-related companies. 

By using data in health care, we can tailor science to people’s individual needs.