Margaret Kao

EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ Class of 2024, Taiwan
Chairman and CEO of Marketech International Corp. 

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Margaret Kao is providing high-tech solutions to the semiconductor, flat-panel display and photovoltaic industries. 

Margaret Kao is one of only a few female leaders in the high-tech industry. Early in her career, Margaret was working at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute when she realized that she likely would be doing the same job forever. She opted to start her own business, believing that being an entrepreneur means never being unemployed.  

Founded in 1988, Marketech International Corp. (MIC) is a professional solutions service provider, supplying high-tech equipment and materials to the semiconductor, flat-panel display and photovoltaic industries. In addition to designing and manufacturing products for a leading semiconductor and LCD equipment company, MIC offers total solutions for cleanrooms; mechanical, electrical and plumbing; chemical; and gas supply systems. The company is an important supplier of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Taiwan’s semiconductor industry leader.  

Now in her 70s, Margaret continues to work more than 10 hours a day. With MIC having gained a foothold in what it does best, she is looking to drive growth through new business lines addressing the industrial metaverse, smart cities and intelligent medical care. 

AI will create an amazing world that makes things that human care about better.