How to navigate the digital transformation journey

In this episode of the Better Innovation podcast, speakers discuss digital transformation strategy and AI's role in the journey.

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Step into the world of digital transformation strategy with our latest guest, David Rogers. As the Faculty Director of Executive Education Programs at Columbia Business School, David is a visionary in the realm of digital business strategy and transformation. He is the author of five books, including the The Digital Transformation Playbook, the book that put digital transformation on the map.

Join our host, EY Emerging Technology Strategy Leader, Jeff Saviano, as he and David – in keeping with our season’s focus – explore role of artificial intelligence (AI) in digital transformation, and the five biggest barriers to successful digital transformation, as explored in David's latest book, The Digital Transformation Roadmap. Plus, they debate a crucial question: does innovation always have to begin with the customer problem?

Tune in to find out.

Key takeaways:

  • The five biggest barriers to digital transformation are: defining a shared vision, choosing the priorities that matter most, validating new ventures through experimentation, managing growth at scale (governance), and growing technology and talent capabilities.
  • Digital transformation is a journey, not bound by definitive start and end dates. It's about continuous adaptation, agility and seizing new opportunities.
  • Innovation is about creating repeatable, scalable, profitable value, whether you are a startup or a legacy business.
  • Organizations must define the future landscape specific to their customers, market, and ecosystem, and ensure this understanding is shared throughout the organization.
  • You're never going to have everything you need to know or learn inside the walls of your organization.
  • While there are inherent risks in taking action, they are often outweighed by the risk of inaction.

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Season 7, Episode 2


1h 11m 4s