Payments and open finance in the EU

The landscape of payments and open finance in the EU is evolving – learn how it’s transforming financial services and driving innovation.

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Major transformation is underway in the European payments industry, with EU regulators rolling out a series of measures designed to enhance consumer protection, increase choice and provide greater control over financial transactions. The EU Payments Package, which includes initiatives such as Payment Services Directive (PSD3), the Payment Services Regulation (PSR) and Financial Data Access (FIDA), is set to significantly impact banks, payment service providers and other financial institutions. These entities must navigate the complexities of the new regulations, understand their effects on business models, and make strategic investments to ensure compliance.

Preparing for the EU payments services regulations

Gain insights into the EU's comprehensive payments regulations and their expected impact on the banking and payment services industry. Learn about the key regulations, compliance challenges, and strategic opportunities for innovation and customer engagement.

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