EY at the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, hosted in Davos from January 15-19, explored the theme of "Rebuilding trust."

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    Navigating a new world

    How do you steady the course of your IPO journey in a changing landscape?

    EY Global IPO Trends Q1 2024 provides insights, facts and figures on the IPO market and implications for companies planning to go public. Learn more.

    Prepare now for the new era of selective globalization

    Exploring scenarios for the world in five years reveals divergent paths for geopolitics, economic policies and company strategies. Learn more.

    Jeff Wray + 3

    How will the shifting world order affect your global strategy?

    A multipolar world is emerging, requiring a strategic approach to managing political risk. CEOs must understand fundamental geostrategic shifts to plan for the future. Learn more.

    How crisis can open doors to new growth

    The CEO Outlook October – 2022 finds that portfolio-transforming divestments are gaining momentum. Read more.

    When political disruption surrounds you, what’s your next strategic move?

    Companies will face geopolitical tensions and shifting policies in 2022. Executives should proactively manage political risk to position for growth.

      Building fairer economies

      Innovate in a recession to emerge stronger 

      A recession is coming, and consumer and retail companies that can take it as an opportunity to innovate are likely to emerge stronger. Learn how.

      Can resilience shape a shifting landscape?

      Investors remain interested in alternative funds, and managers focus on their traditional strengths while responding to market opportunities. Read more.

      How can sustainable finance transform 2050 pledges into real-world impact?

      Financial institutions need a framework that allows them to anticipate seismic economic transformation and adapt their strategy accordingly. Learn more.

      Through relentless disruption, how can you stay the course?

      Ever more frequent shocks are reshaping the globe and our economy. Companies must plan for a more local, sustainable and digital world. Learn more.

      How will you reframe the future of advice if today’s client is changing?

      Find out how wealth managers and private banks can enhance their clients’ lives using a blend of people and technology to deliver personalized advice.

        Navigating a new world

        Top 10 opportunities for technology companies in 2023

        In a volatile business environment, will the bold be rewarded? Now is the time to invest and test the waters with new business models. Read more.

        How political and economic volatility is impacting net-zero commitments

        Current shocks are making it harder for European banks to meet their climate commitments. New thinking is key to staying on course for net zero. Read more.

        How governments in developing countries can close the digital divide

        The road to digital transformation and inclusion is steep, and developing countries can’t be left behind. Find out more.

        How flexible organizations can create stability in the Great Resignation

        By responding to the attitudes and aspirations of a more empowered workforce, organizations will be well positioned for today and the future.

          Enhancing stewardship to save the planet

          How data can support financial services when assessing nature impact

          How can financial institutions start assessing their exposure to nature when market data is still evolving? Read more.

          How your corporate strategy can deliver both growth and sustainability

          Beyond just increasing business value, CEOs must prove to stakeholders that they are delivering sustainably. Find out more

          Can decentralized energy get good enough, fast enough?

          The integration of rising amounts of renewables into grids must improve significantly if markets are to meet their net-zero goals. Read more in RECAI 60.

          Environment, health and safety issues

          Organizations should look at how they can effectively and efficiently manage EHS outcomes through employee motivation.

            Leveraging new technology

            How emerging technologies can usher in the dawn of pervasive intelligence

            “Pervasive intelligence” will emerge through a massively distributed, digital connectivity and cloud fabric that will transform our economy. Find out more.

            Top 10 opportunities for technology companies in 2023

            In a volatile business environment, will the bold be rewarded? Now is the time to invest and test the waters with new business models. Read more.

            The CIO Imperative: How does technology underpin ecosystem transformation?

            Ecosystems play a critical role in accelerating transformation and maximizing value; CIOs must shape the tech strategy to drive success. Find out how.

            How meeting customers in the metaverse can unlock lasting value

            The metaverse is rewriting the rules of digital commerce. Brands must adapt their strategies to engage and thrive in this new landscape. Learn more.

            How will the metaverse change our behavior as it reshapes experiences?

            The potential impacts of the metaverse on human behavior are yet unknown, but behavioral economics can help us explore the possibilities. Find out more.

            Metaverse: 5 questions shaping the next frontier of human experience

            The convergence of physical and digital in the metaverse presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses, governments and society. Learn more.

              Our WEF leaders

              Carmine Di Sibio

              EY Global Chairman and CEO
              Passionate about clients and the power of the global EY organization. Driver of growth and innovation. Relationship builder. Sports fan.
              New York, USA

              Andy Baldwin

              EY Global Managing Partner – Client Service
              Passionate about innovation, FinTech, inclusive growth and geopolitics. Leading media commentator on financial services, economics and investment trends. Keen cyclist.
              London, GBR

              Julie Boland

              EY Americas Area Managing Partner and EY US Chair and Managing Partner
              Purpose-driven leader with a strong track record of growth, client service and sector leadership. Committed to quality and integrity and advancing diversity, equity and inclusiveness.
              Cleveland, USA

              Rajiv Memani

              EY Global Emerging Markets Committee Chair; EY India Chairman and Regional Managing Partner
              Active with fast-growing Indian entrepreneurial companies as well as private equity funds with a presence in India. Passionate about clients, economic policy and entrepreneurship.
              New Delhi, IND

              Julie Teigland

              EY EMEIA Area Managing Partner; EY Global Leader, Women. Fast forward
              Passionate about the transformational power of digitalization and innovation and its potential to deliver sustainable, inclusive growth for clients. Prominent voice of the Women20 global agenda.
              London, GBR

              Hywel Ball

              EY UK Chair and UK&I Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP
              UK Chair and UK&I Managing Partner. Leading our 17,000 people in the UK. FTSE 100 audit partner. Father of three and Welsh rugby fan.
              London, GBR
              A photographic portrait of Carmine Di Sibio

              As we look beyond the pandemic, I believe that we can do better than returning to normal – I am confident that working together, we can build a better working world.

              Carmine Di Sibio

              EY Global Chairman and CEO

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