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Next-gen cloud computing, powered by composable business systems and ecosystems, accelerates your business plans and creates long-term value.

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Learn how to capture hidden value in your business transformation with the cloud.

In total,
of organizations have made strategic investments in cloud.
are achieving their ambitions.

Today, organizations struggle to turn their cloud investments into real business value.Many lack the supporting technology, skills and business expertise to capitalize on the vast transformative power possible in the cloud. 

Tomorrow’s innovations are being created by leading organizations in the next-generation cloud. The cloud-native building blocks of composable business systems enable organizations to scale and adapt their processes at speed and to seamlessly integrate data and services. To maximize value in the cloud, leaders should look outward, and transform traditional value chains into dynamic, cloud-based ecosystems that facilitate better collaboration and rapid innovation.

A human-centered mindset and culture, where customers come first, from ambition to strategy to products and services, is critical for creating exponential, long-term value in the cloud. Looking within, leaders should promote a cloud-first approach, requiring new capabilities, skills and talent strategies.

  • Ragu Rajaram and Andrew Lowe discuss how organizations can enable business transformation through the cloud to create exponential growth and drive innovation, while maximizing the power of people and ecosystem partnerships.

  • Businesses are moving from highly customized, monolithic system architectures to composable business architectures. Composable systems support the flexibility demanded by transformation — with each component aligned, responsive, adaptable and replaceable.

    Cloud enhances some of the key attributes of composable business architectures:

    • Modularity: business-led, modern, fit-for-purpose cloud and data platforms to support the development and scaling of digital use-cases.
    • Agility: with constantly changing business needs, the composable business architecture enables business responsiveness with the flexibility of frequent releases and rapid iterations.
    • Price: consumption-based cloud models enable predictable and precise economics.
  • The transformation of traditional business value chains into ecosystem partnerships is happening in the cloud.

    Dynamic, cloud-based ecosystems support transformation by allowing businesses to respond to customer needs at scale, freeing them from the costs and constraints of on-premise and legacy solutions. Ecosystems in the cloud better integrate transformative technologies and allow for real-time data gathering and sharing, meaning businesses are better aligned and their collaboration is more secure.

Our cloud solution

EY Business transformation through cloud services combines the capabilities and technology of EY teams and the EY partner ecosystem.

EY Nexus

Capture the benefits of industry-specific cloud technology and create customer-centric experiences.

EY Fabric

Deliver cloud-based technology solutions at speed and global scale.

EY Alliance and Ecosystem Relationships


The EY Partner Ecosystem will help you thrive. We collaborate, cocreate and innovate with leading organizations such as Microsoft, SAP, ServiceNow, Dell and Snowflake to drive innovation, performance and growth. Our depth of cloud and technology capabilities and insights can help you transform at speed and scale.

EY cloud services are backed by – a unifying platform that seamlessly connects AI capabilities to help you drive AI-enabled cloud transformation.

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    29 Sep 2022 Peter Cavallo

      The team

      Ragu Rajaram

      EY Global Cloud Consulting Leader

      Cloud-native pioneer and a digital change agent. Creating new value in the market through innovation and collaboration. Changing the world one day and one step at a time.

      Bengaluru, IND

      Paul Sussex

      EY Americas Digital and Financial Services Cloud Leader

      Technology Transformation and Cloud leader. Over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Expertise in business-led, technology-enabled transformation.

      New York, USA

      Andrew Lowe

      EY Global Technology Strategy and Transformation Leader

      A firm believer in curiosity driving sustainable thought leadership, innovation and change. Business-led technology-enabled transformation leader. Passionate about technology enabling the business.

      London, GBR

      Tammy Alairys

      EY Americas Consulting Technology Transformation Leader

      Technology transformation thought leader. Passionate about bringing people and ideas together. Optimist.

      Chicago, USA

      Amr Ahmed

      EY Americas Infrastructure, Cloud & Service Resiliency Practice Leader

      Patient technology consultant, driving engagement and business outcomes. Father of three. Lover of history and soccer.

      Iselin, USA

      Beatriz Sanz Sáiz

      EY Global Consulting Data and AI Leader

      Game-changer, thought leader in analytics and customer centricity. Named a Top Talent Executive Under 40 by AMROP, IESE and Royal House. Mom, film lover, champion for women in tech and the workforce.

      Madrid, ESP

      Tim Rehac

      EY Americas Cloud Infrastructure & Strategy Leader

      Thought leader in technology transformation and Cloud. Former CTO, CEO, and COO. Father of two wonderful daughters, softball coach. An occasional but passionate golfer and skier.

      New York, USA

      Daniel Connolly

      Managing Director, Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP US and EY North America FSO Cloud Practice Lead

      Global business leader with 25+ years in technology. Have a proven track record of creating new cloud-based businesses, including three successful technology start-ups.

      New York, USA

      Fabrizio Calisti

      Director, Financial Services, Ernst & Young LLP

      Transformation passionate. Problem solver. Proud father. Civis Romanum Sum.

      London, GBR

      Alex Shulman-Peleg

      EY Americas Cloud Cybersecurity Leader; Managing Director, Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

      Enjoys jogging and swimming, as well as family time.

      Hoboken, USA

      Subbu Natarajan

      EY Americas Technology Transformation Leader – Architecture

      Helping clients deliver reimagined future business at scale holistically. Leveraging the power of evolving technology.

      Iselin, USA

      Sunil D’Souza

      EY Asia-Pacific Cloud Security Lead

      Passionate about technology and all things cyber. Keen cyclist and a home automation enthusiast.

      Melbourne, AUS

      Vikram Raju

      EY Global Cloud Consulting Leader

      A change leader catalyzing business-led, technology-driven transformation journeys. Creates long-term value and a better future for all. Enjoys vacations at his farm with his rescued pets.

      Bengaluru, IND