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今でも対面でのミーティングが私たちの業務提供にあたっての基礎であるものの、必要に応じて、また必要なときにインサイトを提供していきたいと考えています。提供の方法はさまざまですが、中でもクラウドベースのソリューションであるEY Atlasは提供可能なサービスのうち不可欠な要素の一つです。 

EY Atlasは、私たちのグローバル会計および財務報告の検索プラットフォームです。EYのチームは、このプラットフォームを通じて、より新しく関連性の高いより良いリサーチデータとテクニカルデータを活用しながら、高品質の監査を提供することができます。 スマートフォンやタブレットでも使用できるこのツールは、移動の機会が多い監査人にとって、統合された一貫性のある使いやすい情報検索手段を提供しています。

EY Atlasは、業界トップクラスのグローバル・オンライン監査プラットフォームであるEY Canvasと一体化されており、最も関連性の高い会計・監査・業界の最新情報をEYのチームに提供します。

私たちはさらに、EY Atlas Client Editionを開発しました。これは、クライアントの皆さま向けの購読ベースのサービスで、EY Client Portal経由でのアクセスが可能です。このサービスを通じ、会計、財務報告、規制当局への関連書類の提出だけでなく、ソートリーダーシップなど、EYの専門的インサイトに直接アクセスすることができます。


  • リサーチの結果をスピーディーに、かつ的確に表示
  • EY Canvasとの統合により、最も関連性の高い、会計・監査・業界の最新情報を提供
  • EY Atlas Client Editionにより、会計、財務報告、規制当局への提出についてのEYの専門的インサイトにクライアントの皆さまが直接アクセス可能

Subscription options

You can subscribe to the accounting and reporting content that is relevant to your business:

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

    The IFRS subscription provides access to the full text of our market-leading International GAAP® publication, a broad guide to interpreting and implementing IFRS, setting IFRS in a relevant business context and providing insights into how complex practical issues should be resolved in global financial reporting.

    Key content areas include:

    • Full text of International GAAP® publications in a searchable format where text on any topic is automatically linked to source material, relevant standards and examples
    • Complete IFRS standards (including downloads of the previous years’ bound volumes), International Accounting Standards, interpretations, and application guidance
    • Illustrative financial statements (Good Group series)
    • Archive of EY’s thought leadership and IFRS publications, including Applying IFRS, IFRS Developments, selected publications on US-IFRS convergence, and the Year-End Update
    • Interactive online GAAP checklists

    You can access other EY IFRS publications at ey.com/IFRS

  • United States

    The US Accounting Standards and EY Analysis subscription is the principal reference source for US GAAP, including EY interpretive guidance, authoritative literature and integrated online disclosure checklists.

    Key content areas include:

    • EY Accounting Topic Pages and Regulatory Topic Pages
    • EY Accounting Manual (including our Financial Reporting Developments booklets)
    • SEC Manual
    • Employee Benefit Plan Manual
    • Disclosure checklists
    • EY Thought Leadership
    • FASB: Accounting Standards Codification
    • EITF Abstracts
    • SEC Guidelines, Rules and Regulations
    • PCAOB Standards, Related Rules and Proposal Stage
    • Literature
    • AICPA A&A Guides, Standard and Practice Aids
    • Interactive online GAAP checklists

    You can access other EY US GAAP publications  at EY Accounting Link 

  • Canada

    A comprehensive research tool for keeping current on the standards set by CPA Canada, IASB, IIROC and Canadian securities regulators.

    Key content areas include:

    • CPA Canada Standards and Guidance Collection: Accounting Handbook, Assurance Handbook, Public Sector Accounting Handbook, Guidance of the Criteria of Control Board, Management’s Discussion and Analysis, Risk Management and Governance
    • Canadian Securities Reporter: A practical guide to regulatory filings designed to assist public companies and their advisors in effectively meeting their securities regulatory obligations, and has been developed for CPA Canada by Ernst & Young LLP, Canada
    • IASB: International financial reporting standards, interpretations, exposure drafts, and implementation guidance
    • Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC): Dealer member rules and rules of practice and procedure
    • EY interpretive guidance and interactive online GAAP checklists
  • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands EY Handboek Jaarrekening and IFRS-Dutch Comparison subscription provides essential guidance on Dutch GAAP (Richtlijnen voor de Jaarverslaggeving) to assist entities that are required to report under Dutch accounting legislation and regulations.

    Key content areas include:

    • EY Handboek Jaarrekening (in Dutch only): A key resource for Dutch GAAP and is written for entities required to report under Dutch accounting legislation and regulations. It provides interpretive guidance on regulations that implement Dutch accounting principles and financial statement presentation, with reference to corresponding IFRS. The Handboek also provide illustrative financial statements of Dutch companies and provides guidance on industry-specific regulations.
    • IFRS-Dutch GAAP Comparison (in English and Dutch): A tool that includes a detailed, side-by-side comparison between IFRS and Dutch GAAP. This comparison explains the differences between financial statements prepared on the basis of Dutch legislation and regulations and those prepared in accordance with IFRS

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Sign up to an annual subscription for EY Atlas Client Edition and get a 30-day free trial to EY Atlas Client Edition.*

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*  EY Atlas Client Edition is not available to employees of other CPA firms. Non-EY clients can enjoy the 30-day free subscription but are not eligible for the annual subscription at this moment. EY Alumni require an EY partner sponsor to be eligible for the annual subscription.  Retired partners can subscribe via the Retired Partner & Principal News Network.

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