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Risk leaders continue to pave way for disruptive change

Disruptive technologies are shaping a new terrain of possibilities. Capitalizing on digital breakthroughs, companies are harnessing the power of data, reinventing their systems and processes, and developing new business models. But the complex risks associated with these technologies, and the pace of change, call for new approaches to risk optimization.

Thinking about risk differently, the 2022 EY Global Internal Audit and Internal Control Survey has compiled and structured key risk factors by industry, organizational size and business practice. Approximately 450 companies across all sectors and geographies have contributed to this year’s survey, mapping crucial business functions such as financial information, technology, operations, regulatory, compliance and strategy.

For 2022, the EY survey considered the following questions:

  • How can organizations reimagine their risk posture using better internal controls?
  • How are companies utilizing their resources to attract and retain top talent?
  • How is the shifting regulatory compliance landscape enabling risk executives to become strategic advisors?
  • How can organizations get ahead of ESG mandates, ease audit fatigue, boost cybersecurity and safeguard against fraud?

Given the breadth of impact and the wide range of stakeholders, risk is a conversation that must include investors, customers, employers, critical suppliers, regulators and the public at large. Thinking about risk differently means going beyond the minimum compliance requirements to a further informed and integrated practice of risk optimization — a big-picture view incorporating data, strategy, business capabilities, potential threats and value opportunities across the marketplace.

Request access to the full 2022 EY Global Internal Audit and Internal Control Survey now to learn how risk leaders are addressing risk.

Risk leaders’ agenda

Chief risk officers must act now turning risks into opportunities to reimagine and repurpose the organization for agility and long-term value.