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The EY Health Outcomes Platform is an innovative, industry-wide utility, designed to facilitate value-based contracting at scale.

Solutions to scale the use of value-based contracting

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Your business challenge

As health care becomes smarter, the need to maintain trust, data security and patient confidentiality becomes more critical than ever before. Health care stakeholders recognize the benefits of value-based contracting; however, multiple challenges have prevented them being a practical reality. These challenges include:

  • The higher levels of trust and coordination required across ecosystem stakeholders to develop and implement value-based contracts versus traditional contracting types
  • Strict privacy regulations surrounding the use of personal information
  • The fragmentation of health data across multiple systems — instead of a streamlined, holistic process of data sharing, stakeholders are working in silos, making for a more time-consuming process
  • The high administrative burden on health care stakeholders to manage value-based contracts through activities such as tracking patient outcomes/metrics, calculation of contract performance and associated rebate, which makes them overly time-consuming and prevents such contracts from scaling



Solution benefits

The EY Health Outcomes Platform is an industry-specific, technology-enabled service that will shape the future of value-based contracting by:

  • Enabling value-based contracting at scale
  • Maintaining data ownership, data security and patient confidentiality by never moving data from its source
  • Automating the contract management so contracting is seamless, frictionless and fluid and requires minimal manual intervention

Use case

While pharmaceuticals, payers and providers seek better health outcomes, their value and respective stakes are not always aligned. Innovative contracts can play an important role in the alignment of value.

Solution features & functionality

The Health Outcomes Platform brings together all contracting stakeholders onto a single platform and enables them to co-create, manage and analyze a wide variety of value-based contracts. Key features of the platform include:

  • A completely transparent and standardized yet flexible contract creation workflow to design agreements that align to all stakeholder needs
  • A fully automated and compliant data access and integration process — the platform follows rigorous data access and security protocols, and only accesses relevant pseudonymized data for the specific contract via data queries which is managed in accordance with regional data protection regulations
  • Near real-time tracking and forecasting of contract financial performance to support revenue tracking and manage risk exposure
  • Comprehensive dashboards for pharmaceutical companies and payer/providers to view and track all draft and live contracts in one place

Why EY

The Health Outcomes Platform is a one-stop-shop that helps create, manage and analyze value-based contracts at global, regional and local levels. With our extensive global and local reach, we can connect to customers in every local market to ensure successful implementation.


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