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Peter Davis is helping NYC students access resources for lifelong learning

When the pandemic hit, our city’s most vulnerable children lacked access to basic resources like food and educational supplies. Making a difference for them requires a holistic approach to supporting their needs. For Peter Davis, that starts with early childhood education and the many wellness services that schools provide outside the classroom. He’s on the board of Growing Up Green Charter Schools and has seen first-hand how early and equitable access can be the key to lifelong learning.

How were you first inspired to get involved with education?

From my experiences across the US and abroad, I have seen how important early access to education is to creating equal opportunities. That inspired me to get involved with a network of elementary and middle schools in New York City that is focused on serving a very diverse group of students.

How did the pandemic affect the schools’ mission?

When everything went remote, the families of our students suddenly had a greatly expanded set of needs. They had relied on the schools for meals; they had relied on the schools to give their kids somewhere to be; they had relied on the schools for education. We needed to step up and create programs to help address those needs in very a different way.

How are these programs building a better New York City?

We knew that most of the students didn’t have computers at home, so we bought laptops for everyone and provided Wi-Fi and hotspots to families in need. That helped them during this past year of remote and blended learning — and will afford them greater flexibility and access in the future. The schools also started a fundraising program to provide meals and groceries to the families. They distributed school uniforms, books and school supplies, including PE equipment, art material and white boards, in addition to the basics. The creativity and responsiveness of these schools and families to me speaks to the resiliency of New York City. 

Peter Davis is the EY Americas Financial Services Markets & Solutions Leader.





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