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3 keys to personal purpose and vision

Unlock your potential, inspire others and bring more meaning to your work.

Every person has a personal purpose and vision. Few, however, have taken the time to put them into succinct, powerful phrases that can be used as filters for making decisions in both their professional and personal lives. Taking time to learn how to use the words of your personal purpose and vision can increase meaning in your everyday work and provide clarity for your actions and decision-making. When you feel fulfilled, you’re happier, more engaged and more productive. You’re better able to lead others and be an active driver of your destiny.

1. Personal purpose is quantifiable.

Measurable results cascade throughout an organization when purpose-driven employees are enabled by purpose-driven organizations and inspirational leaders. Recent studies show that employees who work in organizations that prioritize purpose report feeling, on average, 64% more fulfilled, 50% more likely to have meaningful work relationships, and they are 50% more likely to be in leadership roles.¹ When inspired by purpose, leaders are 125% more productive.² In addition to the benefits of purpose for leadership, purpose can improve an individual’s life overall. Studies have shown that having a clear sense of purpose can lead to better health, stronger relationships and increased happiness.

2. Personal purpose is introspective and sets direction.

By the time most people are about 20 years old, they’ve had enough life experiences to understand “what they stand for” and “who they are at their best.” The answers to these questions are the foundation of a personal purpose. To discover the words of your personal purpose, start by recalling stories from childhood and young adult years. Share your stories with those close to you. Pay attention each time. Common themes that thread across these stories are the DNA of the words required to articulate your personal purpose. A personal purpose statement has two parts: a description of the way you uniquely act to serve those around you, and the impact you have on those around you when you act in that unique and special way. Your purpose is about who you really are — rather than who you wish you could be or how you want others to perceive you — it is the “authentic you.”

3. Purpose is constant. Vision is a journey.

It’s also important to know where you’re heading. Your personal purpose is a guide on a journey to achieve your unique personal vision. A life journey often has unexpected obstacles and detours. Your personal vision is a reminder of the destination you want to achieve no matter how difficult the journey may seem. Focus on it. If necessary, revise your plans, strategies and tactics to achieve it. Let your personal vision inspire you.

So how does it all come together? What does purpose look like in action? Use purpose to create deep and meaningful connections. Ask questions such as “What gives you joy?” and “What are you most proud of?” to convey your true interest and care for others.


Embrace the power mix of personal purpose and personal vision to transform yourself and those around you. Start the journey today and experience increased fulfillment and meaning in your personal and professional life.

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