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The Future of Supply Chain: the future is digital and autonomous

In this episode of The Future of Supply Chain, we talk to two EY US supply chain digital transformation leaders, Dheera Anand and Al Mendoza, to understand what the digitally networked future supply chain looks like.

In this second episode of The Future of Supply Chain, we take a look at the autonomous future for supply chains.

We know that, increasingly, across the board, the future is digital and autonomous. With automated forecasting. Autonomous trucks on the highway. Drones dropping packages off at the doorstep. Driverless trucks and forklifts in the factory. Lights-out warehousing. Robotic process automation.

Where will humans fit in? Will their jobs change? Will they still have jobs? What will their new roles entail?

We talk to EY US supply chain digital transformation leaders Dheera Anand and Al Mendoza to understand what the future supply chain looks like and what to expect next.

Listen to Dheera and Al as they discuss:

  • The importance of a digitally networked supply chain, and how companies can transform their supply chains
  • Progress in technology adoption for the autonomous supply chain
  • Integrating data across the supply chain
  • Trends in the short, mid and long term as digitally networked ecosystems take hold
  • The future of talent within the supply chain, and how the nature of work is changing

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Episode 2


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