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How to prioritize governance in your organization’s ESG strategy

In this webcast, panelists discuss the increased scrutiny around ESG reporting and explore how organizations can better manage the potential risk of greenwashing.

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In recent years, organizations across the globe have increased their focus on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) ambitions to meet the demanding expectations of stakeholders. There is heightened pressure from all company stakeholders to operate more sustainably. However, ESG reporting frameworks are immature.

Many sustainability claims have increasingly come under scrutiny, and business leaders should focus on governance — the G in ESG — to ensure they are able to communicate their ESG ambitions with confidence at a time when others are reticent to do so. Understanding governance risks and opportunities in decision-making is critical, as poor corporate governance practices have stood at the core of some of the biggest corporate scandals.

The discussion will focus on the topics above to help participants:

  • Analyze the “G” in ESG as governance risks and opportunities will likely increase as social, political, and cultural attitudes continue to evolve.
  • Identify the ethical standards needed so organizations can equip themselves with the experience, skills and systems to instill integrity in decision-making.


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