Extreme E drivers race during the Desert X-Prix in March 2023

Why the eMobility ecosystem must unite to drive EV adoption

In this XE Talks webcast, panelists discuss key factors that could make or break the future of eMobility.

There’s no doubt that the take-up of electric vehicles (EVs) has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Globally, sales doubled in 2021 and jumped 55% in 2022 to account for 13% of all vehicles sold.

If this trend is to continue, however, as the EV-buying demographic shifts from early adopters to a larger group of consumers with more mainstream values and expectations, the eMobility ecosystem must unite around six essentials.

A successful transition to eMobility needs a collaborative and coordinated response from players across the value chain to address key challenges — including the need for accessible and equitable charging infrastructure. Failure to act now could mean missed climate targets, wasted costs and a delayed transition timetable.

This webcast session is part of XE Talks. The EY organization and Extreme E are running a series of XE Talks to explore issues around climate change and sustainability. Learn more and register for the entire series here.

Among the topics we’ll cover are: 

  • What are the six essentials to accelerate mainstream EV adoption?

  • Why does the eMobility ecosystem need to work together, and what is the pivotal role that utilities must play?

  • How can motorsport help drive the transition to EVs?


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