How insurers can use CRM & AI to improve customer experience

In this webcast, we will explore how generative AI can drive remarkable growth and create exceptional customer experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance industry.

Join us for a webcast exploring the customer relationship management (CRM) tool of the future in insurance powered by Microsoft Dynamics and generative AI (GenAI) technology. In today’s uncertain macroeconomic and geopolitical landscape, business resilience must remain a top priority for insurers. The path to growth requires a deeper understanding of customer preferences, turbocharged agent productivity and effectiveness, and business models that build on fundamental protections to deliver more value to customers. Seamless customer experiences driven by a modern CRM platform are critical to determining an insurer’s future success. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and learn how leading insurers are improving their customers’ experience.

Key questions that will be addressed include:​

  • What trends are driving the biggest growth for insurers and improving customer satisfaction?​
  • How can we use the recent CRM advancements to get a higher ROI from our investments and deliver better business outcomes?​
  • How are other insurance organizations leveraging the latest CRM capabilities?​
  • How can CRM leverage vast amounts of data to generate and deliver insights for superior customer engagement?​
  • How is the agent and customer experience evolving with GenAI and modern CRM platforms and what are the key success factors in activating GenAI to improve CRM in insurance?​



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