How will you solve for growth you cannot see?

A scientific method for transformation

Observation: As digital acceleration transforms industries and customer and employee expectations, leaders play a vital role in deploying advanced technology and data to integrate functions that meet evolving needs. From fast-tracking the adoption of new methods of working to the incubation of new business models, the current landscape forces end to end transformation. At EY, we see transformation as evermore critical to long-term value creation.

EY - Paranormal investigator using technology

Flexible working means flexible technology

Ensure humans are put firmly at the center, deploy technology at speed and innovate at scale

Hypothesis for transformation: Relentless focus on the customer and the entire value chain

Almost half of all companies say meeting changing customer demands is driving their digital transformation. Giving customers visibility into your organization, supply chain and product quality, and delivery builds trust to meet customer expectations. Technology leaders need to partner even more with the business to power new customer-centric strategies and experiences with technology.

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Innovation in high-tech data and analytics: the best of both worlds

End-to end transformation through the power of people, tech and innovation.

Experiment with your business model:

Increase flexibility by nurturing ecosystem partnerships: 68% of digital transformation leaders think it’s the only way to succeed. Seek out new partnerships and curate ecosystems of value to move at speed, create new products and services and deliver on customer expectations.

Modernize IT for efficiency, resilience and agility. Modernizing and automating IT, addressing technology debt, re-imagining the operating model, increasing resiliency and improving security are critical for a company to position itself for a more technology and data-intensive business environment. Leading companies are making the case to modernize IT while also investing in building a digital foundation to drive long-term growth.

Technology leaders’ agenda

To strategically transform, leaders need to deliver tech at speed, innovate at scale and put humans at the center.
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Hit your projections, fiscal and astral

Translate insights into business actions that yield smart customer journeys, increased acquisition, retention, and growth.

Collect and analyze data:

Utilize analytics and AI for deeper visibility and insights. Trusted data and AI are a fast track to gaining value-driving and monetizing insights. Focus on where problems and opportunities lie – customer experience, product innovation and personalization, supply chain and operations, pricing – and integrating AI into associated processes and business needs.


The application of artificial intelligence goes beyond “better” or “faster” processes. It inspires new ways of operating and growing a business.
The future is about embedding AI in core processes. That way, companies get smarter by the second.
Beatriz Sanz Sáiz
EY Global Advisory Data and Analytics Leader

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