With increased international tax reporting and information sharing between tax authorities, having proper processes and solutions to manage cross-border tax compliance is increasingly important.

Torben Vangsgaard

EY Global Product Lead

Experienced in international tax matters. MDR Web product lead. Combines a logical and creative mindset into technology. Lover of theater and live music. Amateur dancer. Avid hiker.

Torben is a Senior Manager within the EY Global Tax SaaS Center of Excellence team and an EY Global Product Lead on MDR Web.

With a background in EY International Tax and Transaction Services, Torben has an extensive experience in international corporate taxation working with various cross-border income tax topics such as the EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime (MDR), permanent establishments, OECD BEPS and transfer pricing.

Torben has also worked in EY Tax Technology and Transformation team, where his experience includes developing a solution for Country-by-Country Reporting in the Nordics and an international assignment to Germany.

Torben holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration and Commercial Law from Aarhus University in 2012 with focus on international tax law.

How Torben is building a better working world

“I help by disseminating and translating complex international tax regulation into rule-based algorithms to make it easier and more practical for tax professionals. Functionality and user-experience is core to technology. I constantly look for ways to improve the look and feel of an application, as the design and usability is what really connects with us as users on a more emotional level, for a better user experience.

I strive for inclusiveness and diversity, both when working in a truly global team, but also when volunteering in the local community. I strongly believe that even small actions can cause a ripple effect and make a great impact over time.” 

Torben's latest thinking

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