Visionary entrepreneurs on finding success in an era of uncertainty and disruption

At the annual Strategic Growth Forum®, global business leaders provided insights on confronting unprecedented societal changes, cultivating transformative and empathetic leadership, reimagining consumer relationships, and embracing sustainability for a better world.

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Unstoppable entrepreneurs who are leading in bold new ways, along with how-to’s on wealth transition, funding and selling your business.


Injecting equity into ecosystems and building healthy cultures, along with how-to’s on boards, liquidity options and value creation for PE portfolio companies.


Sustainability as a business imperative, along with how-to’s on cybersecurity, digital transformation and agile company strategy.

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Four need-to-knows for business founders seeking funding

Entrepreneurs should keep these four tips in mind when seeking funding.

    Entrepreneurs on leading into the future

    Business leaders share actionable insights on guiding and inspiring employees, accessing capital, and more.

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    To unlock the full potential of your ambition, even more so during uncertain times, you need a globally connected advisor who appreciates your owner mindset and can support you as you transform, reshape your future and succeed in the now, next and beyond.