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EY Transformation Delivery helps you deliver the outcomes of your transformation vision. It builds confidence by focusing on the key elements: equipping your leadership team, engaging a social movement, and building and maintaining momentum.

Increase transformation success

Achieving a successful outcome is 2.6 times more likely when you establish strong human foundations for transformation.

Improve confidence over time

We help you reduce uncertainties so that you can improve confidence for your organization and your stakeholders by focusing on the most important areas and embedding continuous improvement.

Accelerate time-to-benefit

Generate rapid value by leveraging the EY Transformation Platform to accelerate the team and pull multiple parties together as a trusted ecosystem integrator.


Your business challenge

Transformation is no longer a one-time event — it is the new operating model. To set your organization up for success and achieve your evolving transformation objectives, be confident that:

  • Leadership is aligned around the vision and equipped for their role
  • You have a social movement that will shape the direction and drive adoption
  • The team can build and maintain momentum

Solution features and functionality

EY teams help you address uncertainty and increase confidence by balancing the emotional and rational aspects of transformation. The Transformation Delivery solution uses a “future-back” approach, exploring possible futures and defining the desired future state.

Why EY

Your transformation success is built on our ability to effectively orchestrate multiple parties in an ecosystem, and rapidly activate and scale up globally while leveraging EY Transformation Platform’s technology and the six Humans@Center drivers.

Our latest thinking

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