EY Data Permissions Navigator: managing data privacy risk

Consumer trust is critical. Integrate data ethics and privacy risk to help your organization thrive.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) raised the bar on privacy risk management and compliance, making it essential for companies to assess risk-of-data-use scenarios. EY Data Permissions Navigator (DPN) is designed for first-line data users. It provides an intelligent data privacy risk management platform to address privacy risk, help organizations make the right data-use decisions quickly, and unlock the value of their data.

Build customer trust

Fact patterns analyzed together with laws and internal standards increase confidence that risk is properly managed.

Expediate business operations

A pre-defined risk assessment framework increases accountability and transparency and reduces risk approval time.

Manage resources more efficiently

Leverage EY knowledge to receive “stop/go/consult” on permitted data use, to free up time for other value-added work.

The EY DPN platform provides an intuitive interface with well-defined processes and guidance at each step in the journey. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution addresses the key issues of privacy risk management for functions across your business, including law, compliance, IT, product engineering and operations teams – by automatically analyzing fact patterns together with internal standards, data ethics and global laws and regulations. Available on a per-user basis with standard implementation fees, it will help you:

DPN world map laptop

Step 1

Submit a fact pattern on the proposed use of data

Pre-defined risk assessment forms are available for different types of assessments including privacy impact, data use, third-country law, data transfer impact and record of processing.

Existing compliance data from control solutions can be imported into DPN automatically via an Application Programming Interface (API).

Step 2

The platform conducts a data use assessment

Our advanced reasoning engine analyses the submitted fact pattern against relevant laws and regulations, ethical principles and organizational risk appetite.

DPN also incorporates a data ethics trade-off framework.

DPN dashboard laptop

DPN outcomes laptop

Step 3

Receive detailed analysis and trends

Delivers “stop/go/consult” guidance on data use along with analysis of relevant privacy and ethical risks within seconds.

Interactive dashboards allow users to analyse trends across use cases and investigate risk outliers.

A clear audit trail increases accountability.

Harness technology to drive more value

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