The EY-CrowdStrike alliance: transforming log management and observability

Combating cyber breaches starts with monitoring large volumes of data in real-time to detect threats across organizations’ attack surface.

Protect your business with real-time, comprehensive log data monitoring

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Get real-time threat monitoring with LogScale

When millions of devices connected to your network stretch the attack surface, how do you ramp up your defenses? CrowdStrike Falcon® LogScale keeps businesses safe by centralizing log management and enabling teams to quickly sift through greater volumes of data, with real-time speed and scalable protection, at lower cost.

Falcon LogScale helps companies store, monitor and analyze IT and security data streams to flag threats, remediate breaches and retain more data for longer periods of time. Log monitoring through your legacy technology can be expensive and slow. Now you can manage log data – in real time, without sacrificing speed for protection.

With the EY-CrowdStrike alliance, you can:

  • Scale for greater searchability and analysis, reduce blind spots and speed up threat hunting to prevent delayed responses to cybersecurity breaches
  • Gain visibility and insights with real-time and comprehensive monitoring, search and visualization for advanced incident identification and investigation
  • Manage storage costs without losing visibility using advanced data compression technology

You don’t have to uproot your security information and event management (SIEM) platform or choose between vigilance and speed. Combining CrowdStrike’s powerful Falcon LogScale log management and observability platform and the EY cybersecurity experience, we can help you decrease the risk of a delayed response in identifying, isolating and addressing cybersecurity breaches.

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