Tech Icons Council

How does a rising star become a supernova?

Why join Tech Icons Council

This exclusive council brings together some of technology’s biggest icons with a select group of up-and-coming tech leaders to ignite new ideas, fostering an open dialogue around the key topics of today and tomorrow. Hear from Icons about the value of this cross-industry community of IT leaders.

About Tech Icons Council

As the role of IT rapidly evolves, today’s technology executive needs to leverage deep technical knowledge to forge business solutions that drive innovation and growth. Technology executives have moved from the back-office focus of operational support to become the vital strategic leaders with the technology expertise needed by an organization and the board of directors.

The Tech Icons Council brings together a network of peers aimed at surfacing actionable business insights. This exclusive forum provides an opportunity for the worlds’ top technology leaders to connect with luminaries, fostering an open dialogue around the key topics of today and tomorrow.

Tech Icons Council has carved out a unique space among other forums by offering technology leaders:

  • Access to inspiring Council luminaries charting the future of technology and business innovation
  • Insights into real-world business cases and tech trends — and how to translate the learnings into action
  • Networking and benchmarking with fellow members to crowdsource solutions across industries

Transformation is a team sport. The Tech Icons Council is a constellation of rising technology stars on trajectory to become the strategic growth drivers of leading organizations. These council members convene quarterly over 24 months for inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking panels, problem-solving workshops, and shared networking experiences.


Forum members will consist of technology leaders from all industries and will be selected based on qualifying company and career benchmarks. Light the way for future tech leaders and apply today.

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