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Respond to today’s challenges? Or ready your Tax function for tomorrow? Do both with the EY and Microsoft Alliance.

In brief

  • Tax operating models need to transform to address today’s needs.
  • Platforms can accelerate access to data, improve analytics and accommodate increasing amounts of information. 

Tax and finance leaders are at a tipping point.

Pushed to derive deeper insights and greater efficiencies, current tax operating models can’t keep up with increasing regulatory changes, talent struggles and tightened budgets.

Yesterday’s solutions – adding more people per problem, for example – simply won’t work for today’s tax and finance functions, let alone tomorrow’s.

Transform a tipping point into a leading edge

It’s hard to imagine exactly what the next evolution of your tax operating model will look like.


Yet, one thing is certain: it must be infused with technology – from seamlessly re-using data to applying predictive analytics to standardizing the user’s experience with the technology itself.


The right technology, however, requires investments that many organizations may struggle to make given increasing business costs. That’s why the EY organization has invested more than US$1b in its relationship with Microsoft.


Think of the EY-Microsoft Alliance as a 10-figure tax and tech influx into your tax operation, yielding powerful tax and finance content and world-class technology, all on one platform.


Raise the bar with the EY Global Tax Platform

Platforms are integral to tax operating models and ideal for transforming back-office functions to keep pace with regulatory changes. They also provide the technology-first experience users seek.


The EY-Microsoft Alliance delivers this experience through the EY Global Tax Platform (GTP), which is built on Microsoft Azure technology. The platform’s ability to ingest, evaluate and process vast amounts of financial data regardless of geography, is game-changing for EY clients, including Microsoft itself.

Microsoft needed a solution that could scale to ingest, evaluate and process vast amounts of financial data from around the world. GTP is one of the best-in-class solutions, given the way EY has leveraged the scale and capability of Microsoft’s technologies to solve this complex enterprise problem

Through GTP, users elevate their ability to manage massive volumes of data in the tax reporting domain. They can also access information faster and drive better insight-based decisions thanks to predictive analytics.

Reducing the time spent culling data means more value added to the tax and finance function. Less tethered to transaction analysis, employees can use their time more strategically – doing more proactive tax planning and solving bigger, newer tax challenges.

Transforming forward

The EY and Microsoft Alliance is at the forefront of tax transformation, bolstered by the deep tax experience of EY and leading technology of Microsoft.

The EY and Microsoft alliance

Tax transformation can be daunting. The EY and Microsoft Alliance makes it easier, iteration after iteration.


No matter the challenges your Tax and Finance functions face now and into the future, the EY and Microsoft Alliance has the experience and technology to help you surmount them and create a better working world.

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