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How immigration can support the race for talent

In this webcast, panelists discuss the new immigration initiatives across Europe and the Middle East that will impact the global workforce and how organizations can benefit from these developments.

Delayed EU implementation of the Entry Exit System, the European Travel Information and Authorization System and the digitalization of immigration procedures have led to continued uncertainty amid a decentralized approach to regulating cross-border work.

Meanwhile, “digital nomad” visa opportunities are ever more common across Europe and the Middle East, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) being at the forefront of the trend. Spain, Portugal and Greece recently launched their first digital nomad visas to attract talent into the countries and help companies tap into a global talent pool.

Join the experienced EY panel as they discuss the ever-changing immigration travel landscape, the updates on rules and regulations, and how immigration policy can support mobility leaders and businesses in the race for talent.

In this webcast, the panel will discuss:

  • EU digitalization and work and residence options: update on delay and travel day impact

  • Work from anywhere: how businesses are using the new “digital nomad” visa policy in the UAE, Greece, Spain and Portugal

  • How this development further complicates the reality of cross-border work


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