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Jonathan Zhao

EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Strategy and Transactions Leader

Experienced in working with insurance companies across Asia-Pacific. Deep knowledge of regulatory bodies across the region.

As the EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Strategy and Transactions Leader, Jonathan is responsible for driving services for financial clients across Asia-Pacific, executing on all aspects of EY clients' capital and transaction strategies. He has more than 25 years of extensive experience in advising insurance companies and other financial institutions on complex strategic, mergers & acquisitions, business integration and transformation, as well as risk management and business-related issues. He has also been serving as the Global Client Service Partner for key priority insurance accounts.

Prior to Jonathan’s current role, he served as the Asia-Pacific Insurance Leader, with integrated teams of more than 1,500 insurance professionals in over 20 countries. 

Jonathan is the Global Client Services Partner for AIA and Senior Advisory Partner for PingAn, two of EY’s G360 insurance accounts.  He is a qualified actuary.

How Jonathan is building a better working world 

Jonathan was the first EY global winner of Better begins with you award in 2015 for his leadership in building the largest and most integrated insurance and actuarial services teams in EY Asia-Pacific.

He has organized biannual actuarial and insurance risk conferences to provide an opportunity for his colleagues to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in the insurance sector, both business and technical. 

Jonathan’s latest thinking

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