Responsible AI

AI boosts business but presents challenges. A Responsible AI framework allows leaders to harness its transformative potential and mitigate risks. Our systematic and technology-enabled approach to responsible AI provides a cross-industry and multidisciplinary foundation that fosters innovation at scale and mitigates risks throughout the AI lifecycle across your organization.
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What does Responsible AI mean for business leaders?

The global artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to have unprecedented growth over the next several years. This growth potential is sparking fundamental shifts in value creation, operating models and the very nature of work across all industries and geographies. At the same time, the regulatory environment around AI is growing quickly and new risks are emerging every day. To succeed in this environment and establish trust, organizations must leverage AI responsibly.

What EY can do for you

To meet the AI moment, having an agile, vigilant and purposeful responsible AI strategy in place that aligns with organizational values and drives business outcomes will enable your organization to:

  • Compete: Gain competitive advantage by building trust.
  • Protect: Identify and safeguard AI assets and preserve value generated through the use of AI.
  • Accelerate: Achieve speed to market while navigating legal and regulatory obligations with confidence.

 Supported by a comprehensive suite of solutions covering the AI ecosystem, our Responsible AI team helps with:

  1. AI strategy and governance
  2. AI ModelOps
  3. AI risk management and enablement
  4. Confidence Index

Our Responsible AI solutions

Establish a ‘responsible AI by design’ approach, powered by a governance framework and operating model that balances risk management and flexibility in the AI development lifecycle to effectively manage the use of AI across the organization.

Our AI Strategy and Governance solution establishes the foundation for an agile, vigilant, and purposeful responsible AI program that aligns with your organization’s strategic vision and objective to drive competitive advantage. It also mitigates key risks associated with the design, development, deployment and use of AI. This EY solution entails the following services:

  • AI strategy and framework
  • Policies, procedures and standards
  • Operating model and RACI matrix¹
  • AI inventory
  • Foundational risk components, including risk taxonomy and risk assessment enhancements
  • Enterprise training
  • Talent acquisition and development strategy

Leverage technology to streamline the end-to-end model lifecycle in alignment with AI governance and risk management requirements.

Our AI ModelOps solution provides a holistic and technology-enabled approach to help streamline end-to-end operations throughout the AI lifecycle. It promotes scalability, reduces operational costs and provides a unified set of guidelines to help your organization build and deploy AI solutions consistently. This solution entails the following services:

  • ModelOps strategy and target operating model
  • ModelOps design and implementation 
  • AI automated model documentation
  • AI data and model validation services
  • ModelOps vendor evaluation and adoption
  • Continuous monitoring framework and enablement 
  • ModelOps as a service

Implement or mature existing mechanisms to manage the risks associated with the use of AI across the organization throughout the AI lifecycle.

Our AI Risk Management and Enablement solution utilizes a holistic, systematic and flexible set of iterative processes that help drive early detection, evaluation, quantification and continuous management of risk throughout the AI lifecycle. This EY solution entails the following services:

  • AI governance, risk and compliance (GRC) technology strategy, design and implementation 
  • AI model testing, evaluation, validation and verification (TEVV)
  • AI risk assessments and tiering 
  • AI regulatory mapping 
  • AI control definition and implementation support  
  • Internal audit support 
  • AI risk management as a service 

Conduct solution, portfolio and enterprise-level empirical assessments of risk dimensions across responsible AI principles.

Our Confidence Index solution provides an empirical and measurable methodology to help quantify risks and enable confidence in the data and technology, process and people components that make up your AI ecosystem based on your responsible AI principles. This solution entails the following services:

  • Confidence Index assessments at the enterprise, solution, or model level 
  • AI model testing as a service 
  • Bias and fairness as a service 

Our approach can help you answer the following questions with confidence:

  1. Does your organization have line of sight into how is AI being used across functions?
  2. Does your organization have a strategy around responsible AI by design and an approach to de-risk AI?
  3. Are your organization’s AI deployments meeting its responsible AI standards and regulatory requirements?
  4. Does your organization have the right AI operating model and governance structure to provide efficient and effective oversight while accelerating speed to market?
  5. What are the risks associated with AI usage across the organization, how are those risks being controlled and measured consistently, and are they being managed effectively?
  6. Does your organization have automated processes and technologies in place to develop and deploy AI solutions consistently?
  7. Does your organization have line of sight into the ongoing performance of AI solutions to prevent unintended outcomes?
  8. How your organization reimagine its talent acquisition and development strategy to harness the power of AI and accelerate growth?

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