The EHS Maturity Model

Changing expectations and disruptive technologies can create new environment, health and safety (EHS) challenges that should be considered. To help address these issues while maintaining compliance, EY has developed the EHS Maturity Model to guide you on your journey.

What EY can do for you

The EY EHS Maturity Model can help you assess your organization against seven practical levers and create an action plan to guide you on your EHS maturity journey. This can include:

  • Assessing your organization’s capabilities using an interactive process tailored to your organizational needs. In this process, EY teams can help you identify your organization’s current position and where you could be in the future.  
  • Creating an action plan that sets out the activities that may help to close the gaps between your current state and aspirational goals. The actions should then subsequently be prioritized to suit your needs. 
  • Aligning your leaders and workforce to deliver the action plan. EY teams can help you prioritize your actions and deliver a consistent message, helping support workforce alignment toward a common EHS purpose.

EY EHS Maturity Model


Underpinned by years of working with companies and EHS leaders across all industries, the EY CCaSS team has developed the EY EHS Maturity Model framework which can help evaluate and guide you on your EHS maturity journey.

The framework underpinning the EHS Maturity Model is the product of years of working with numerous companies and EHS leaders across all industries. Unlike traditional EHS maturity models, the EY model can help identify opportunities to enhance EHS maturity and adopt better practices through continuous improvement activities, rather than providing a finite score or measure of success.

Learn more about each of the seven levers:

Certain services and tools may be restricted for EY audit clients and their affiliates to comply with applicable independence standards. Please ask your EY contact for further information.

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