Duplication of Benefits Prevention

The Forensic & Integrity Services team has experience assisting and advising our clients as they administer ERAPs across the country, and we have been called upon to assist with the duplication of benefits challenge.

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What EY can do for you

ERAP administrators face an unprecedented challenge. Billions of dollars of Emergency Rental Assistance have been provided to state, county and city agencies for distribution to their residents to increase housing stability. State agencies are increasingly opening their programs to all residents, irrespective of county and local rental assistance programs. While this increases the potential efficiency of reaching the most vulnerable households, it creates the possibility of the duplication of benefits between overlapping programs.

We can design, implement and run technology-enabled programs that support the identification of potential duplicate benefits in ERAPs across jurisdictions. We combine our ERAP experience with custom technology and deep forensic knowledge to help agencies keep people in their homes and stave off fraud, waste and abuse of funds.

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Avoiding clawback

ERAP money needs to be delivered to applicants quickly. Grantees are obligated to follow new and changing guidelines for eligibility, and may have significant audit exposure if funds are not disbursed following Treasury’s duplication and fraud guidelines.


Our solution can deploy quickly and accommodate large amounts of data with ease and speed to help agencies meet this critical moment. Our modular approach provides the functionalities needed, while at the same time being easy to configure and tailor for individualized needs.

Fighting fraud and finding duplicate applications

With ERAP, billions of federal government dollars are flooding into state and local jurisdictions, exposing those jurisdictions to potential fraud, waste and abuse. Bad actors could be diverting money from reaching deserving households.




We offer an integrated solution that pairs our forensic accounting skills with artificial intelligence-enabled technology to address fraud risks. Our experienced team assists agencies to investigate potential duplicates and advises on resolutions.

Handling high volumes of data, money and applications

The Treasury Department has released billions of dollars of ERAP funding aimed at helping millions of households. It’s a dynamic situation with lots of players.


Our technology is tailored to fit the needs that have emerged as a result of the various COVID-19 federal funding programs to help identify and prevent fraud waste abuse. Our solutions scale to fit your agency’s needs. It is an all-in-one platform that can consolidate a range of data sources with multiple deployment and data-hosting options, and integrate with legacy systems and new technologies.

Data from different jurisdictions’ programs is not comparable

ERAP programs are administered differently and with different requirements, resulting in disparate systems with heterogenous data structures.


EY Virtual features a data pipeline that is designed to consolidate structured and unstructured data from disparate systems and sources, as we recognize programs are administered differently and with different requirements.

How EY can help

We can provide people, process and technology to support states in fulfilling obligations to DoB and comply with federal guidance.

People: We are a multidisciplinary team with experienced forensic investigators, data scientists and technology consultants.


Process: We regularly support anti-DoB solutions and can assist in the design and configuration of other programs where duplicate benefit payments may be in question.


Technology: Our established EY Virtual platform in standard form can be quickly deployed but is also customizable for analytics solutions leveraging large, complex data sets.

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