Zero-based Budgeting Services

Our Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) services help businesses realize cost savings, fund the future and create long-term value. We help c-suite executives create cultures that reduce non-strategic costs to free up cash for investments in strategic areas through disciplined annual financial planning and budgeting.

What ZBB services can do for you

In a world that is going through rapid digital change, companies increasingly may need to reduce non-strategic cost and increase strategic spend to remain competitive and grow value. We help CEOs, CFOs, chief strategy officers and other leaders decide where to best allocate their dollars through ZBB. These services deliver:

  • Strategy alignment and cost transparency
  • More effective budgeting (people and non-people costs)
  • Creation and consistent use of digital budgeting tools across the enterprise
  • Better accountability, governance and sustainability
  • Enhanced controls and monitoring
  • Operating model enhancement

ZBB clients may save 10%-25% of their Selling General & Administrative (SG&A) cost base, based on our experience. These funds can be reinvested in growth areas. Companies can sustain the savings achieved through ZBB for the long term with “Cost Champions.” These are C-suite leaders who help drive cost governance, a ZBB mindset and improvements to monitoring budgets and spending.

ZBB questions we help you answer

  • Where are we spending money, both on personnel and third parties?
  • What spending is not strategic?
  • Where are cost-saving opportunities, and how large are they?
  • Where should we invest to drive growth?
  • Are we investing enough in digital?
  • How do we build effective targets and budgets?
  • What digital tools can we use to improve cost management and financial planning?
  • How do we make cost savings sustainable?
  • How can ZBB help in a targeted restructuring?
Using ZBB, we were able to self-fund our growth.

What results have we delivered for clients?

We have helped public and private companies across a wide spectrum of industries deliver SG&A savings. Recent examples are:

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