EY GloBE Technology Suite: BEPS Pillar Two management platform

A connected technology suite that helps clients navigate BEPS 2.0 Pillar Two journey and prepare them for the future.

Multinationals face challenges in meeting tax reporting and compliance obligations under the new global minimum tax rules. EY GloBE Technology Suite can help with developing a comprehensive plan grounded in technology.

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Tailored to your specific needs, an integrated tool that helps you put the pieces together.


Broad capabilities such as data collection, modeling, scenario analysis, provisioning, reporting and compliance.


Modular design for seamless integration with EY BEPS modules or third-party solutions.

How EY GloBE Technology Suite supports clients on their BEPS 2.0 journey

Designed for an integrated approach throughout the Pillar Two journey, the EY GloBE Technology Suite assists with impact assessments all the way through the creation of the GloBE Information Return. Modules are available under a software as a service (SaaS) agreement or as an integral part of our BEPS Pillar Two co-sourcing service offering.

EY GloBE Data Gather

EY GloBE Data Gather supports the collection and cleansing of data from multiple systems for global minimum tax calculations.

Structured data

Imported from flat files or through direct links to the organization’s systems.

Unstructured data

Collected from a variety of sources across the organization.

EY GloBE Model

The EY GloBE Model is designed as a spreadsheet-based calculation engine for modeling and provision support. The tool utilizes Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Model Rules to calculate safe harbor coverage, top-up amounts, liabilities under qualifying domestic minimum top-up tax, Income Inclusion and Switch-Over Rules (IIR), and Undertaxed Payments Rule (UTPR).

Data ingestion

Uses standard data ingestion templates.


Calculates where Qualifying Domestic Minimum Top-Up Tax (QDMTT) and top-up tax will arise and need to be paid in accordance with the OECD Model Rules as well as where the legislation has been implemented.

EY GloBE Engine

Designed for provision support, compliance and reporting purposes, EY GloBE Engine is a web-based data ingestion and calculation solution that accommodates multiyear analysis and supports provision.

Data ingestion and cleansing

The system-agnostic feature of the EY GloBE Engine enables it to handle various data formats such as flat files, connect to organization’s systems through APIs, and source unstructured data from different parts of the organization efficiently.

Calculations based on rules and logic

The rules and logic in EY GloBE Engine are built in accordance with local legislation and maintained by our extensive network of international tax professionals.

Comprehensive reporting

Generates the GloBE Information return and data points required for local filing.

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