Dallas Skyline - Sunrise with Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - Dallas, Texas, Texas
Dallas Skyline - Sunrise with Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge - Dallas, Texas, Texas

What if our success was measured in the prosperity of others?

EY has been a proud member of the Dallas community and its economy for more than 100 years.

Dallas’s diverse economy provides a broad range of opportunities for success. In the last decade alone, more than 170 major companies — 5 of them Fortune 500 firms — have moved their headquarters to the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex. With more than 60 Fortune 1000 companies based in our city, this rapid influx of industries and individuals has not only diversified the region but also made it one of the nation’s economic leaders. 

For more than 100 years now, Ernst & Young LLP (EY) has been a proud member of the Dallas community. In that time, we have seen the economy move from primarily oil and agriculture to an evenly split pie of sectors ranging from high tech to manufacturing to real estate — from financial services and life sciences to retail. Our economy is relentless and constantly adapting to change while reinventing itself along the way.

Today, we know the Dallas economy has the potential to not only impact those who live and work here, but also how the entire nation approaches the way we live, work and give back.

We now have to ask ourselves, “What if our success was measured in the prosperity of others?” At EY Dallas, we do this by:

  1. Changing the way we think: EY Dallas is home to one of six EY Neuro Centers of Excellence (NCoEs), which has reimagined the traditional hiring processes and created environments more conducive to the needs of neurodivergent individuals that unlock tremendous talent potential. We were among the first professional services company to introduce this type of program, following the lead of a handful of technology companies that had already introduced programs in this space as they recognized the skills that people on the spectrum bring to these types of roles.
  2. Fostering innovation and emerging industries: The EY Dallas Cybersecurity site is a 14,000-square-foot world-class 24/7 security operations center that serves as the operating hub for EY Cybersecurity Managed Services and to facilitate collaboration among clients, EY professionals, analysts, and technology alliances. It accommodates new technologies, methodologies and cybersecurity strategies, including solutions from across EY technologies and our alliance network. It is also home to the EY Cybersecurity Academy, which provides training and technology certification for both EY professionals and clients, as well as an Innovation Lab with staged technology, where we can trial solutions, replicate real-world conditions and assess the impact of implementing counter controls within their environments.
  3. Building up the next generation: Providing our employees a venue to give back to the community is paramount now more than ever. EY Ripples is our global corporate responsibility program that provides our people the opportunity to positively impact the lives of millions of individuals by sharing their skills, knowledge and experience. One area we do this is through supporting young and underserved people to develop the mindsets and skills they’ll need to find and sustain meaningful work. Our people volunteer and serve on the boards of a number of organizations in Dallas, including: United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star, College MAP (Mentoring for Access and Persistence), Head Start of Greater Dallas, Dallas Afterschool, Junior Achievement of Dallas, Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep, and St. Philips School and Community Center, to name just a few.
  4. Leaning in with the business community: We proudly perform an active role in the community to help Dallas area companies and their leaders fulfill their potential. “We have a very, very engaged business community,” says Michelle Vopni, EY Dallas Office Managing Partner and 2021 Chair for the Dallas Regional Chamber (DRC). EY employees and alumni are rooted in the local community, keenly focused on improving the lives of others by enabling businesses to transform and be successful while also identifying and participating in local nonprofit organizations to improve the community. As the DRC Chair, Vopni has worked closely with local business leaders with the common goal of improving economic prosperity for everyone and making sure an inclusive community is the mission of the DRC and its member companies, which aligns with the EY purpose of building a better working world. 

We hire locally too. We have longstanding relationships with several universities in the DFW area, including Southern Methodist University, University of Dallas, Texas Christian University, and University of North Texas. Alumni from these universities partner with our recruiting team to attract top talent to EY internship and entry-level programs.  

“There’s an energy that’s really contagious,” Vopni says. “We’re always asking ourselves, ‘What’s the next thing? How can we keep making Dallas even better and how can we help others achieve prosperity?’” she says. “There’s this constant progress we are making in trying to achieve, and it’s fun.”

How EY is helping to build a better Dallas

What if our diverse city keeps advancing diversity?

In Dallas, meaningful action and conversations about equality continue to lead to deeper understanding and progress.

What if our established strength could grow others?

Fueled by innovation, Dallas has a long history of recognizing and supporting visionaries and unstoppable entrepreneurs.

What if opening our hearts opened more doors?

Leaders like Thear Suzuki serve as role models to personally give back, while also encouraging other employees to do the same.

What if our rising stars weren’t all lone stars?

Fostering unity and growth in Dallas


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