Accelerating decarbonization

Decarbonization isn’t happening fast enough. To achieve the Paris Agreement goals, companies must act now.

In the complex effort to decarbonize, there is no “last mover” advantage. While it’s not always easy for companies to align their actions on decarbonization with their public commitments, the faster your organization accelerates now, the easier and more valuable your decarbonization efforts will become.

EY multidisciplinary teams have the experience and end-to-end capabilities to help you simplify the challenge — and realize the value — of decarbonization.

Can reducing carbon add value? See how organizations are driving value, opportunity, and ambition, delivering renewed optimism amid the climate emergency.

How can you accelerate decarbonization with your workforce at the center?

Explore six human-centered levers for change — derived from joint research with the University of Oxford — to help drive a successful transformation.

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How can slowing climate change accelerate your performance?

A recent EY survey shows that what’s good for the planet is good for business. Here are five ways to accelerate decarbonization.

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How can passion become the pulse of a sustainable future?

Meet Maxime and hear how he's helping organizations successfully align their business with strategic decarbonization efforts. 

How can the reduction of carbon add value?

Our latest thinking

How can you put regeneration at the heart of creating value?

Stakeholders are challenging businesses to go further, faster in their efforts to be more sustainable. Read more.

Five ways to make sustainability more simple in your organization

Five principles will help leaders cut through the complexity around sustainability and focus on actions that can make a real, lasting difference. Learn more.

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