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New innovations and technologies are disrupting the business environment, and organizations that want to remain competitive must embrace innovation or risk being left behind. At EY, we are helping our clients solve bigger and more complex end-to-end business transformation challenges. 

  • Trusted cloud

    Cloud adoption is now widespread, enhancing business agility and increasing the pace of change for all industries worldwide.

    Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services — servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence and more — over the Internet (“the cloud”) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. Benefits include cost, speed, global scale, productivity, performance and security.

    The EY and Microsoft Alliance combines services provided by EY teams with Azure, Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud technology, to help clients realize the benefits of the cloud.

    How EY advisors can help:

    • Trusted cloud diagnostic
    • Trusted cloud migration
  • Intelligent automation

    Intelligent automation promises to transform the cost, efficiency and quality of executing many of the back-office and customer-facing processes that businesses rely on people to perform.

    When robotic, intelligent and autonomous systems are integrated, the result is intelligent automation, which widens the scope of potential tasks and processes that can be automated.

    How EY advisors can help:

    • Automation strategy ideation
    • Opportunity assessment (including vendor/tool assessment)
    • Business case development
    • Automation implementation governance: center of excellence operating model setup
    • Robotic risk and controls
    • Managed services and next-gen incubation
  • Cybersecurity

    If you were under cyber attack, would you know it?

    As many other organizations have learned, it’s no longer a matter of if you’ll face a cyber attack, it’s a matter of when.

    We can help you protect your business by building a cybersecurity foundation, detecting the cyber threats you are facing and responding to a cybersecurity breach.

    How EY advisors can help:

    • Cybersecurity transformation
    • Cyber threat management
    • Identity and access management
    • Internet of Things/operational technology security
    • Data protection
    • Privacy and GDPR
  • Advanced analytics

    Leading organizations are placing greater strategic importance on advanced analytics and investing in people and resources to embed it more deeply into business decision-making to gain competitive advantage.

    ​​​​​​Advanced analytics is the autonomous or semiautonomous examination of data or content to discover deeper insights, make predictions or generate recommendations that result in lower costs, reduced risks, improved customer engagement and higher revenues.

    How EY advisors can help:

    • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning training and emersion sessions
    • Enterprise AI reference architecture creation
    • AI maturity assessment
    • AI use case ideation and proof-of-concept builds
  • Digital

    To be digital rather than simply do digital requires a way of thinking and behaving across the entire value chain.

    Being digital is not just about the front or back end of the organization, but an end-to-end transformation of the whole enterprise. For an organization to harness the potential of digital, it should be considered as part of the whole, and not as some discrete function.

    How EY advisors can help:

    We assist clients in their digital transformation journey across five focus areas:

    • Strategy
    • Innovation
    • Experience
    • Operations
    • Trust
  • Innovation

    Disruptive innovation is changing the way the world works — including business organizations.

    There are limitless opportunities for those ready to explore how their business should be doing things differently in six months, three years, 10 years and beyond. We can help you cultivate a culture of innovation and realize the full potentials of disruptive and emerging technologies.

    With our Innovation offering, EY advisors can help your organization to:

    • Activate digital innovation
    • Prototype new products
    • Experiment without massive up-front investments in people, process or technology
    • Design metrics to determine when to persevere, redirect or disengage
    • Transition disruptive offerings from entrepreneurial to traditional management
  • Blockchain

    Blockchain has the potential to streamline and accelerate business processes and reduce risk.

    Blockchain is a distributed infrastructure technology with a decentralized ledger that keeps a record of each transaction that occurs across a network, which enables a decentralized exchange of trusted data — a “shared record book.” It has the potential to streamline and accelerate your business processes, increase cybersecurity protection and reduce or eliminate the roles of intermediaries.

    How EY advisors can help:

    • Product development strategy
    • Regulatory compliance support
    • Crypto asset capitalization structuring
    • Technology development support security, risk and control

What we can do for you

In a digital world, EY advisors provide confidence to customers, boards and other stakeholders through every aspect of transformation, delivering quality services that help them grow and protect their business and build a better working world.

Our regional digital team focuses on five key areas:

  • Strategy: we help clients focus on their purpose by unifying their digital approach.
  • Innovation: we build an end-to-end innovation capability to incubate new ideas and business models.
  • Experience: we help clients develop capabilities to continually reinvent and implement better customer experiences.
  • Operations: we help clients to understand how digital technology can help optimize processes and free resources.
  • Trust: we help companies assess and manage the risk implications of change, helping them to grow with confidence.

Our Alliances

Our alliances are at the heart of innovation for EY teams and enable us to better serve our clients.

EY advisors and our alliances work together as an integrated team to help our clients maximize their current and future technology investments and drive better business outcomes.

Our alliances expand EY digital capabilities and the range of services we can offer our clients.

Visit our alliance page to learn more. 

EY stands out as a leader

The EY global organization has been recognized by:

  • Forrester Research as a leader in business innovation in The Forrester Wave™: Global Digital Business Transformation Accelerators, Q1 2019.
  • Forrester Research as an intelligent automation leader in The Forrester Wave™: Robotic Process Automation Services, Q4 2019.
  • ALM Intelligence in its report, ALM Vanguard of Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, as a leader for cybersecurity consulting for the third consecutive year in 2019.
  • The SAP 2019 Pinnacle Awards for Strategic Growth Partner of the Year and Technology Innovation Partner of the Year.
  • HFS Research as the leading Big 4 organization in providing Internet of Things for enterprises in its HFS Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Service Providers 2019 report.

Benefits of working with EY

Our commitment to innovation is demonstrated by EY wavespaceTM, a global network of 23 flagships in some of the world’s most dynamic and innovative urban areas.

The wavespace network represents EY’s unique approach to helping organizations find answers to their biggest questions, solve problems, explore innovative ideas and unlock ingenuity and potential.

The EY global organization has significant digital experience, having completed digital projects in the thousands. 

These projects include:

  • Blockchain
  • Intelligent automation
  • Data analytics
  • Cloud initiatives


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