EY Career Path Accelerator

An accessible, affordable, and relevant alternative for students to meet the 150 hours of education required for CPA licensure.

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What is the EY Career Path Accelerator?

At EY, our shared vision is to make the accounting profession more affordable and accessible to students like you. One way we are doing this is by offering the EY Career Path Accelerator — a program designed to provide accredited business and elective courses toward the required 150 hours of education.  This is not a master’s program, but an alternative option to help students obtain the 150 hours of education required for CPA licensure.

EY Career Path Accelerator is an affordable, skills-focused way to accelerate your career path — job-related learning and skill development, the ability to enter the workforce CPA-eligible after your undergraduate degree, accredited coursework you can “take with you.”

Who is eligible?

Students who have accepted an EY internship offer and are actively pursuing an undergraduate degree that provides them the accounting hours they need to be eligible for CPA licensure. Interns are responsible for all accounting and state-specific credit hours prior to the start.

The EY Career Path Accelerator is about hands-on learning, real-world challenges and job-relevant skills to be day-one ready for full-time employment.

Package options

10-credit option

15-credit option

20-credit option

Core learning series in the following five courses:
Data visualization, Digital, Data Integration, Sustainability, My Purpose

5 x 1 credit each =
5 credits

5 x 1 credit each =
5 credits

5 x 1 credit each =
5 credits

EY internship
5 credits
5 credits
5 credits
Capstone project
5 credits
5 credits

Additional learning series:
Digital Business Models, Project Management


2 x 2.5 credits each =
5 credits

*Financial need-based scholarships available through the EY Foundation

Program components and details:

Learning and assessments -> Winter or summer internship -> Capstone project 

  • Core learning series: courses completed virtually, followed by related assessments
  • EY internship: winter or summer internship, writing assignments, and team dynamics course
  • Capstone project: virtual group project with live workshops and team deliverables
  • Additional learning series: additional courses completed virtually, followed by related assessments

The benefits of the EY Career Path Accelerator:

  • Dedicated EY student advisor to support you in your learning and planning throughout the program
  • Opportunity to engage in a learning pod community with an EY professional
  • Portable credential with no obligations or commitments to EY or Hult International Business School
  • Integrated learning incorporating targeted skills in business, technology, and leadership
  • Financial need-based scholarships available 

If you’re interested in the EY Career Path Accelerator and would like to learn more about the program, please contact us.

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