Office manager using whiteboard during meeting with colleagues
Office manager using whiteboard during meeting with colleagues

How is Gen Z driving shifts in how we all live, work and play?

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Gen Z's expectations as consumers, employees and citizens are shaping a different future for us all.

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Generational change is a topic often addressed in headlines and the media, but the reasons behind the shifts are often overlooked, greatly misrepresented and misunderstood. Generational cohorts — boomers, Gen X, millennials and now Gen Z and Alpha — are not merely age brackets on a timeline. They are a representation of the shifts in values and mindset that come from the societal events that shape how people view the world. As the needs of humans change, so too must the actions of businesses.

With Gen Z, born roughly 1997–2007, the future is already happening now. The oldest are turning 27 this year — stepping into full-fledged adulthood and graduating out of their parents’ health insurance policies. The youngest are nearing the end of their high school years and making decisions about their education and future lifepath. For all, they are entering the life stages traditionally marked by financial independence, career development and family building. What worries them the most? How are they differing from past generations? How are they preparing for their future? How can your organization play a part?

All organizations need to listen to and understand today’s youth because it is critical to future relevancy. Recognizing their desires and expectations for sustainable, ethical products and services that are also convenient and affordable, will be key to avoiding an entire generation hitting the cancel button on you. Building organizations that share their values will be key to recruiting and retaining a workforce that will stand by you. Understanding how the next generation wants to live, work and play, and anticipating their fears and expectations will keep you on the right path.

Takeaways from the Gen Z Live Work Play Study

Understanding Gen Z’s rewritten norms and underlying expectations can serve as a beacon for businesses looking to cast a winning future.

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