Discover EY Nexus for Wealth and Asset Management 

EY Nexus for Wealth and Asset Management is a business transformation platform that accelerates innovation, unlocks value in ecosystems and powers frictionless customer experiences. It helps you push the boundaries of new ideas and services faster to meet your customers’ needs.

Why EY Nexus for Wealth and Asset Management?

Our business transformation platform helps you to:

  • Create an ecosystem of wealth applications that can help enable you to launch products and services faster.
  • Implement digital and business transformation quickly, securely and cost-effectively.
  • Deliver at the speed of opportunity rather than the speed of legacy constraints.
  • Connect new platforms, legacy systems and third-party products to unlock the power of data and advanced analytics, and access new solutions as they become available.
  • Gain valuable near real-time insights into customer behavior, intent and needs to deliver new, customer-centric products and experiences more quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Establish a digital operating model that provides a cohesive experience to your advisors and creates richer and more intuitive customer experiences.
  • Deploy an interoperability framework for middleware and a presentation framework that provides a consistent customer experience across different capabilities.
  • Endeavor to future-proof your IT infrastructure.

Transforming wealth and asset management

EY Nexus features a constantly evolving suite of technology components that are quick to build and easy to adapt. These components fit into existing systems and channels to address key customer needs. You can also evolve your products and services using the core EY Nexus platform, which is a versatile, cloud-ready framework with ready-to-use building blocks of technology assets that sits within a curated partner ecosystem.

What EY Nexus can do for you

  • 360-view of the customer
  • Enhanced trading
  • Accelerating transformation and speed
  • Frictionless advisor experience
  • Unified wealth data model

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