Sales, marketing and distribution

The winners in today’s wealth and asset management industry are those firms that best leverage data and technology – having a good product to sell is no longer enough. EY teams use their sales and marketing industry experience, technology and innovation capabilities, and strategic alliances to help clients improve transformation and drive growth.

Your sales and marketing transformation and acceleration partner

EY has a proven track record and a dedicated team focused on improving and transforming all aspects of your growth agenda.

Why EY sales, marketing and distribution?

  • We take a comprehensive approach to help clients solve complex problems, using our deep experience of business and technology to help deliver innovative solutions.
  • We understand how wealth and asset managers can harness the full potential of emerging technology – like the ways in which artificial intelligence can improve efficiency, enhance personalization and provide new insights.
  • We can help provide service from helping you evolve your marketing and distribution strategy to implementing it, to operating technology platforms for you.

Four key drivers of growth

EY sales, marketing and distribution teams take a detailed approach, leveraging their industry experience, innovation capabilities and strategic partnerships with leading technology providers to drive growth across four main areas:

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