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How can passion become the pulse of a sustainable future?

Learn how lifelong passions have shaped both our CCaSS professionals’ working lives and the support they offer EY clients.

In brief

  • EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) teams balance passion with practicality to turn sustainable ambition into strategy and action.
  • EY CCaSS teams are multidisciplinary, forming a connected, global network of trusted advisors with deep technical capabilities and a culture of collaboration.
  • EY CCaSS teams use market-leading technology to accelerate sustainable impact – powered by data, our insights inform critical sustainability decisions.

Go behind the scenes in the professional life of some of the extraordinary people that work in CCaSS. See how their lifelong passions have shaped not only their working lives, but also the support they offer EY clients.

What will it take to create a sustainable future?

Matt Bell, EY Global CCaSS Leader at EYGS LLP, and his team are passionate about helping clients find the right sustainable outcomes.

“Sustainability isn't about making incremental small gains year-on-year, but understanding what the future looks like and pivoting your business to get there tomorrow. The companies that transform the fastest are going to be the ones that outperform in the long run.”

Listen to Matt reflect on the need to act with drive and determination to create a more sustainable future.

What do martial arts and sustainability have in common?

Kiara Konti, Partner, CCaSS, Ernst & Young Greece, shares how her passion and purpose come together in her work.

“Martial arts taught me to respect the natural world because we’re part of it. We need to understand our own impact, either positively or negatively, and how this affects the entire system.”

Hear how Kiara and her team draw on a diverse range of knowledge and experience to help deliver sustainable transformation for EY clients.

How can we encourage businesses to pick up the pace of transformation?

Shizuka Kinai (Suzie), Manager at EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services at EY Japan Co., Ltd, in Tokyo, has worked with the EY Tokyo 2020 Olympics team, embedding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into the supply chain to help avoid human rights and environmental issues in the event’s organization. 

“The reason we need to sustain the world is because we don’t know how to fix it once we break it.” 

Watch how Suzie and team translate climate research insights into EY client business development opportunities.

How can we create sustainable strategies that allow both businesses and the environment to thrive?

Based in Paris, Maxime is a senior manager at EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY &  Associés, where his work focuses on the relationship between business, decarbonization and the environment.

“When facing challenges, such as global warming and climate change, you need to share solutions and collaborate.”

Hear Maxime reflect on how his personal experience and sustainable living choices help him and his team work with EY clients to identify decarbonization actions, discover new business models and develop achievable strategies.

How do you answer the questions that haven’t been asked yet? 

Based in San Francisco, Kathy Yu, Senior, EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services Team, Ernst and Young US, LLP, has worked in the environmental sector for all of her career. 

“We are often working with clients who are leading their fields in sustainability, and most of the time that requires creative alternatives or things that haven't been done before, and I think those two go hand-in-hand.” 

See how Kathy’s creativity and imagination, combined with her lifelong interest in nature, help her create innovative sustainability strategies for clients. 

How do we promote psychological health and safety?

Rana Labban, Senior Manager in EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services at Ernst & Young LLP, Canada, talks about how environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, and the increasing spotlight on issues in this area.

“It’s about convincing people to do the right thing when no one's watching, truly changing hearts and minds.”

Hear how Rana and her team’s commitment to facilitate transformation provides clients with the best tools to transform their businesses and rethink health and safety.

How can putting yourself in someone else’s shoes help them to make better life choices?

Emily Heath, Director of EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services at Ernst & Young Services Pty Ltd, Australia, is a behavioral neuroscientist who designs programs that shape community behaviors in positive ways.

“I research and explore different problems to find new solutions for them. I also work on problems that really matter to society and people. So, I get to marry the two things I'm passionate about in the work that I do.”

See how Emily brings her burning curiosity and desire to make a real difference to EY client challenges.


EY Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) teams are the driving force behind pressing and complex sustainability and ESG challenges.

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