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Gen Z key takeaways

Digital acceleration

Gen Z is the first generation that has lived nearly the entirety of their lives in an online world.

Intentional consumerism

Gen Z not only influences family purchase decisions more than youth of past generations (given their unprecedented access to information and the innate ability to use it), but they are actually driving purchases in key categories, from autos to furniture and groceries.

Purpose and ESG

Companies cannot afford only lip service on the causes that matter. Stand for something or, in Gen Z's eyes, you stand for nothing.

Trust, transparency and authenticity

Gen Z sniffs out inauthenticity with ease.

Health matters

Gen Z is much more self-aware than previous generations when it comes to mental health and wellbeing.

Workplace culture

Gen Z puts higher stakes into finding fulfilling careers where they are valued, versus making money.

Connected experiences

Gen Z is unified, even in a room of one.

Gen Z: The core driver of consumer change

This rings true across society, technology, sustainability, economics and politics.

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