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Gen Z finding meaning

Authenticity is the most important value for Gen Z — even beyond future plans and being rich.

Gen Z values extend beyond individuals themselves. They want everyone to be empowered to be their authentic selves.

After 2020, Gen Z is more concerned with having a fulfilling career than making a lot of money.

Entrepreneurism is on the rise! 

The pandemic showed an increase in entrepreneurial interest. While it’s too early to predict why this increased, there are several possible reasons.

How they prepare for work will look different, too.

They’ve been told that the job they’ll have in the future is ever-changing and might not exist yet.

While Gen Zs focus on work, less than half say that getting married or having children is very or extremely important.

They are intentional in their consumer habits.

Implications for employers

Gen Zs want to be empowered by employers to make the difference they value.

Implications for businesses

Businesses will not win if they try to control this generation — but they can help them gain control.

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