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How insurers can build the right approach for generative AI 

Generative AI (GenAI) is revolutionizing nearly every facet of the insurance industry, from automating tedious tasks to generating powerful insights from vast data holdings.

With great innovation comes responsibility. Are you confident your organization can harness the power of GenAI while navigating unprecedented interconnected risks?

Access the GenAI Insurance report

This report describes a pragmatic approach to GenAI governance that promotes innovation through a cross-functional, risk-based model. 

Inside this report:

  • Discover the ways top insurers are already harnessing GenAI to transform customer experiences, hypercharge efficiency and generate powerful insights.
  • Learn a pragmatic risk-based approach to governance that accelerates innovation.
  • Get ahead of impending regulatory guidelines and build responsible GenAI framework.
  • See how effective risk management governance and aligned approach are critical for realizing the full business value of GenAI.
  • Find out what critical investments in data, infrastructure and talent serve as GenAI adoption accelerants.
  • And so much more.

Top insurers are adopting pragmatic frameworks to innovate and govern responsibly to own GenAI's promise of hyper-efficiency and customer centricity with confidence through data-driven governance.

The time for GenAI is undoubtedly now – will you ride the wave or be left behind? Don’t let complexity and uncertainty hold your organization back. The strategies and frameworks inside are already guiding insurers to new heights of efficiency, customer centricity and sustainable growth.

Learn exactly how to build a responsible, risk-based approach to governance tailored for the insurance industry of tomorrow – today.

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Stuart Doyle
EY Risk Principal

Stuart Doyle