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How to move from ambition to execution on sustainability

In this episode of Think Ecosystem, our panel discuss how they are collaborating to solve complex problems for clients through innovation and steps to take now on sustainability and more.

This episode of the Think Ecosystem podcast, hosted by Laura Atkinson, EY Partner and UK Alliances Leader, focuses on the transition from sustainability ambitions to actionable execution. The discussion emphasizes the necessity of moving beyond mere pledges toward developing detailed and practical plans.

Guests Musidora Jorgensen, Chief Sustainability Officer at Microsoft UK, Adam Thompson, IBM Consulting Partner and Global Sustainable Finance and ESG Leader, and Rob Doepel, EY UK&I Sustainability Leader, share their insights on the challenges and opportunities related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Collaboration is highlighted as a key element in achieving sustainability goals, with the potential benefits and difficulties of working with competitors explored.

The conversation also covers tangible ways businesses can start making substantial changes, emphasizing data and reporting, managing action, and the process of execution. Furthermore, practical steps for immediate action on sustainability are presented, along with insights into how the panelists' own companies navigate this transition. It is a comprehensive guide for businesses transitioning from sustainability planning to implementation, offering real-world examples and actionable advice.

Key takeaways:

  • Sustainability requires action, not just ambition. Businesses must move beyond making ambitious statements about sustainability to developing detailed and actionable plans. More than merely making pledges is needed; concrete steps towards sustainability goals are necessary.
  • Collaboration is critical. This could involve sharing resources, knowledge and best practices, transcending traditional competitive boundaries.
  • Data utilization and execution pose challenges. One major hurdle businesses face is utilizing vast amounts of data for meaningful application and transition from planning to execution.

For your convenience, a full text transcript of this podcast is also available.


Episode 8


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