How to innovate to net zero: challenges and options

In this webcast, a global panel looks at which technologies could help us to reach net zero and what we’ll need to develop them.

Technology is often presented as the solution to achieve a just transition to net zero. But can we say with any confidence that the world has the right policies and investment strategies in place to help low-carbon and renewable technology scale up at the pace required to meet net-zero promises?

Currently, the answer is no — 50% of the technologies needed to achieve net zero by 2050 are still yet to be proven as cost-effective.

The current policies and global level of investment in existing or new technologies are not enough. There needs to be more investment in technology research and development to enable the breakthroughs needed. Clearly, a proactive approach to increasing the development and deployment of both existing and new technologies is required.

The topics we’ll discuss include:

  • What technologies could be the most effective and sustainable in helping us reach net zero, considering time, cost and social benefits?
  • What policy instruments can governments leverage to subsidize technological innovation, incentivize private financing and foster public-private cooperation?
  • How can financial institutions support sector-enabled technology transformations and adapt their strategy accordingly?


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